Bessie & Fred

Bessie was born in England on the 6th of December 1921.

As one of 11 children, she learnt to work hard at an early age, and to sew and knit for family and friends. Later, when she started working for a wage, she often had more than one job and would ride her bike long distances to work, in all sorts of weather

Fred was born on the 2nd of December 1915 and so he was 6 years older than Bessie.

As one of 5 children, he learnt the art of carpentry. He enjoyed making furniture for their home, and work-wise he became an accomplished Letterpress Machinist in a Printing Works, something he continued to do after he came to Perth with Bessie in 1969.

Their daughter Carol was born in 1945, the year the War in Europe ended, and Angie was born the following year.

After my mum and dad moved to Western Australia in 1968, both Carol and Derek and Bessie and Fred followed them here in 1969.

When I was born, Bessie was 48 and Fred was 54 and they had already been living in Perth for 11 years.

Together they became Bessie & Fred, my grandparents and my inspiration for my new label commemorating them and honoring the craft of quality, unique items, handmade with love.