This morning, we were guests at the Emoji Movie premiere. Taking a bunch of kids to the movie is no mean feat - especially when there were emoji doughnuts on offer.

Berkley (5) invited her BFF Emma and her new BTFs (best twins forever) Mila and Avia - it was their first time ever at the movies! Addison (9) enjoyed the fun with Hannah, her long time movie-watching companion. There was an inflatable castle, MYO emoji mask and even some spunky (temporary) emoji tattoos.



The movie was so good. To be honest, I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids - loads of very clever jokes and funny moments you'd miss if you blinked. It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning and all the colour and fun on screen inspired me to compile my favourite Emoji finds I have spotted lately:



Addi has these. Comfy, fun and stylish and a steal for $24.95


Kmart's doughnut beanbag. A steal at just $19.


$11.99 plus postage from Mr Toys Toyworld


For just $4.99 you can patch or decorate any fabric item until your heart is content (and there are loads of different emojis available too)!


Every kid's favourite emoji. The poop. $11.99



$89.95 in grade-school sizes

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 6.59.04 pm copy.png

Cotton On Kids have launched a great range of Emoji stuff. This is one of my fave's at just $24.95

Christie Blizzard#EmojiMovie