I had a blast with the latest round of school holiday craft workshops. This time around, the age was restricted to 8 and up and this allowed us to spend a lot longer creating, learning more intensive skills.

We worked on Polymer Clay, Weaving, Crochet and Embroidery and the kids all got to take home a large craft kit so they could keep creating all holiday long. 

The crochet was really tricky for everyone, but by the end we had some very basic skills and the same kids went on to make some stunning embroidered hoops in the afternoon. For the polymer clay, we made beads and it was so exciting to see the different creations all the kids made with the same supplies. The weaving was a lot of fun and was great for the kids to create unique wall-art.

I have really enjoyed receiving text messages and emails since, seeing all the creations that continued into the holidays and hope my next round of workshops is just as inspiring.

I love to create with kids and really welcome any suggestions or expressions of skills you'd like to see me teach as I prepare for the next workshops for the September / October break.

Christie Blizzard