DIY Unicorn Rug

I saw a cute unicorn rug creation online and was inspired to make it my own (and a bit more affordably too).

Time takes: 20 minutes, plus cleanup as fur will go everywhere!

Total cost $35

What you need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Small piece of black felt
  • Rope (I bought a gold curtain tie-back from Spotlight for $9.99)
  • 1x Piece of faux fur (I bought a pencil case from Kmart for $5)

First, flip white fur rug over and draw shape of unicorn head - I just narrowed the shape that was there. 


Next, cut open the sides of your pencil case to lay it open and flat (or take your faux fur and lay flat). On the back, trace the shape of the unicorn maine and cut out.

Next, take your rope (or in my case, gold curtain tie), and trim one end to a point. Use hot glue to seal it so it does not fray.


Don't worry if it is a bit messy, once it dries you can neaten it up with a pair of scissors. Snip a small hole in the reverse side of the mane and push the rope trough. Secure on reverse side with more hot glue.

Adding ears is optional. As I had a cute pair on the pencil case, I cut these off and glued to the mane.

Glue the ears to the front of the fur mane and using your hot glue gun, adhere mane to the right side of the white fur rug.

Using a marker, draw an eye on your back felt. Fold in half and cut two identical shapes. Glue these on to the unicorn to form her face.

Select the perfect spot for your rug, and voila! Job done!!!!

Christie Blizzard