I am a perpetual renovator. 

This current home renovation has taken the better part of two years and of course, it's ongoing.

We replaced the back slept with a larger space, containing the living area, kitchen and dining. As with most renovations, the cost and timeframes swallowed us for a little bit and things like my open-plan shelving that I had dreamt of ended up on the back-burner.

Until, I had a bright idea.

I purchased 5 open shelving units from Ikea at $89 each. With an angle grinder and a helpful hubby, the legs came off and they were mounted on the wall.

Easy, strong, stylish and best of all AFFORDABLE my Ikea hack meant all my goodies shoved in  boxes in the garage now adorn the shelving and make my time in the kitchen that little bit more bearable.




Christie Blizzard